Dog food comes in many shapes and forms and like humans not one option is best for all. There are many factors when choosing what is the best option for your pet and your self.   


Raw is a healthy natural option of feeding and raw food can be made by yourself or you can purchase a premade. Premade from a reputable commercial company will ensure a complete diet. If you make it yourself, you will need to ensure your diet is complete and balanced. Raw can be more work and remembering to thaw out is sometimes a challenge. Price level is comparable to a high end kibble.


Home Cooked

You can cook for your dog at home. There are special cookbooks and supplement packages that you can use to assist in this process. More and more there are frozen cooked foods being brought onto the market that you can feed that are already complete and balanced for you. In regard to cost this is an expensive option and seems to be cost effective for smaller dogs or as a topper on a large dogs kibble.


Freeze Dried/Dehydrated or Air Dried

There are more of these types of products coming onto the market all the time.   They are a great option for small dogs or for those that are on a raw diet and cannot feed the raw (such as time at the vets, or in a boarding situation where they will not feed your raw or even camping and travelling). Very convenient, healthy options. Cost is still significant and can be quite pricey for large dogs. It can also be used as a topper for kibble.



There are better and better options coming into this market. We have found that they are great for a food topper, older dogs and hospital recovery. Pricing is reasonable for small dogs, but for large dogs not affordable unless used as a topper.



Feeding your dog kibble is the most simple and straight forward way to feed your dog. When feeding kibble ensure that you are feeding a complete and balanced high-grade kibble. Pricing is the most competitive.


When you are choosing the best option for your lifestyle and your pet I would recommend speaking to a nutritionist. They will be able to help you make the best decision.



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