I am writing this from my own experience as a pet owner. I do not have any shares, relationships or side business with Pet Insurance companies. I just believe it is an important option when getting a new pet.

I have 3 dogs:  Chief (10 year old Golden Retriever), Disco (7 year old Bernese Mountain Dog), and Zig Zag(6 year old Bernese Mountain Dog).


All 3 have insurance and the best thing I feel about the insurance is when I go to the vet and they say they want to do this test or my dog needs this I simply say ok I have insurance. 

A couple of years ago we have numerous issues with the Disco and Zig Zag. Disco had to have CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) surgery, this is like ACL in humans. The surgery is expensive, and the rehabilitation is also very expensive. I was able to say yes do the surgery without worrying about the money portion of it. Insurance even covered a portion of her rehabilitation.

The same year Zig Zag was diagnosed with IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease), he had numerous trips and stays at the vets while trying to balance this and learn to manage it. Again, huge vet bills that would put an average family into debt, but I was able to claim his stays at the vet, his treatments, his diagnosing tests and all his meds. The impact to our own finances were minimal and we were able to do whatever was needed with the vets to get him healthy and up and going.

Pricing on insurance varies with many factors, these factors are the breed of your pet, the age of your pet, with they are de sexed and the package you choose. With most of the options you the pet owner are responsible to pay for your regular vet costs such as your annual check up, vaccinations and teeth cleaning. You can make play with your deductible to decrease monthly costs.

I would recommend checking out a few different companies and getting quotes even before you get your puppy. Then when you pick up your puppy you are covered from day 1.   

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