Allergies and Intolerances – Part 2

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the delay in updating you with Part 2. Even though we needed to test our plan for 6-8 weeks I feel that we should have had an update sooner. I have been preoccupied with my other dog Disco and her lameness, diagnosis and subsequent surgery. She is now doing well and I will leave the remaining details for another storey.

Mercury, the crazy, is now 10-month-old teenager.  He has started to really find his own personality and he totally loves to cuddle. A bit of a challenge, being he is  now over 100 lbs, and him wanting to be a lap dog but the cuddles are definitely worth the lack of breathing.   

So where we left off was that we had completed the first intolerance test and were feeding based on the allowances found on that test. There were very few options left, and we were following it very carefully. I then decided I should send in the other intolerance test to see what it said.  Are you ready for it??  The results came back almost completely opposite to the first.  So based on this second test we had been feeding him what he should not have eating.  Now what do we do??

I have found one more test to do and I just need to get my self in gear and send that one in. Hopefully we will find some kind of consistency and will be able to make a long-term diet for Mercury with some variety and healthy adders.

In the meantime, I made a guesstimate/educated decision and decided to feed him the Tollden Farms Boar and Botanical, freeze dried beef liver treats, beef bones for chewing, beef pizzle sticks and pumpkin.  Besides his probiotic he has not had anything else at all to eat.  

His hair has grown back on the outside of his ears, the stinky in his ears is gone and the look pretty clean (when he lets me check them).   Another plus is that he seems to be less itchy, he still has a pink chin but I am wondering if that is just a pink chin and is just part of who he is.

Next step is to do the other test and see if we get any consistency. Then we will change his diet to add some variety one item at a time so we can see if anything triggers those allergies.

Stay tuned - we are definitely getting closer, but still have a winding road ahead.  

We Deliver!!