Freeze Dried/Dehydrated/Air Dried are all apart of a relatively new category of pet food on the market; and they seem to be making a smash hit with both pets and pet guardians.

These foods are as close as you can get toRaw or Home-Cooked, but come in a bag or box like kibble; the convenience of kibble BUT without all of the extra “stuff” that comes in kibble.  Generally they are made up of a specific protein or couple of proteins and are enhanced with some fruits and vegetables, they contain very little carbohydrates an No Fillers.   Produced with very minimal heat or processing and therefore maintain the nutritional attributes of the ingredients.

The uses for these food types are endless

  • Full Feeding for a small/medium pet
  • Food Toppers 
  • Treats and/or Training Treats
  • Alternative to Raw - when you are on a trip ( camping or road ) or when your pet is in a kennel that does not allow raw.  

The variety of proteins available can make pretty well every pet and pet guardian happy, even those with allergies have found relief eating food from this category.  Proteins range from Chicken to Venison and many other options in between.

My whole pack adore the options and are eager to do their training work when these are used as treats.

Check out the options here

Dog Dehydrated Foods -

Cat Dehydrated Foods -

If you have any question about if these foods would be suitable for your Pet or Protein selection please feel free to contact me - I am always happy to help find the right solution for your pet.

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