Forza10 Legend

FORZA10 was born with a clear goal in mind: offering the best nutritional solution to food intolerances in dogs.
All Forza10 diets follow the same fundamental principles, which constitute our nutritional philosophy, and Legend makes no exception.

  • No turkey and chicken meals from industrial farming: FORZA10 only uses meals from sea caught fishes, or animals from organic or exstensive farms, as sources of animal proteins. This way we can avoid the risk of oxytetracycline residues being carried in our recipes.
    Oxytetracycline, an antibiotic that in itself is not harmful, becomes really toxic when it deposits in the bones of meat-producing animals where it is lawfully used*.
    As a toxic residue, the body must manage it through an inflammatory process that, as we have just explained, activates in the most sensitive organ.
    If cats’ or dogs’ everyday food contains these residues, the body is forced to react through a chronic inflammatory process.
    This antibiotic has almost disappeared from Italian farms, but is still largely and legally used in many other countries in the world.
  • No grain-based carbohydrates
  • No GMO-derived ingredients
  • Short recipe, with few ingredients of the highest quality (L.I.F. – Limited Ingredient Formula).
  • Specific pool of botanicals: all FORZA10 Legend references are characterized by the insertion of a specific pool of botanicals.
  • Omega-3: these fatty acids are present in abundance thanks to the insertion of fish oil, and their ratio with Omega-6 is optimally balanced in every reference.
    This contributes to maintaining an ideal body condition.
  • Switching to Legend is easy!
    Thanks to its incomparable digestibility and nutritional value, LEGEND can be given immediately, without any transition time!
    In order to achieve optimal results, we recommend using Legend dry food and mixing it with Legend wet food, while avoiding adding any other foods.
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