Bristly Brushing Stick

Bristly is the world’s most effective and best dog DIY toothbrush and dental chew toy. Bristly's are the only dental sticks for dogs that is a dog chew toy but functions as a dog toothbrush. These dental chews give dogs the power to take control of their own dental health as they Bite and Play the Plaque Away. Made from natural rubber, it's completely safe and durable with a dog-focused design to ensure that Bristly dental sticks for dogs provide the best way for your dog to brush their teeth and keeping their mind active! This durable dog chew toy has Bristle-lined grooves that brush dog’s teeth down to the gum line to remove plaque effectively, cleaning both the inside and outside surfaces at the same time! Even the hard to reach back molars! Bristly also dispenses toothpaste as dogs brush and play. It is also flavored for increased palatability and has easy to hold paw pads and side nudges for extra friction and brushing surfaces.

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