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Arm and Hammer 360 Degree Toothbrush

A unique, advanced design carefully developed to provide convenient and functional oral care for adult dogs, the Arm & Hammer 360° Toothbrush is the most reliable and effective way to clean your dog’s teeth, developed with a 360° brush design that cleverly and effectively cleans teeth from all angles.

Developed with dogs and their owners in mind to provide functional, effective and efficient pet dental solutions, the Arm & Hammer 360° Toothbrush is a revolutionary, time-saving tool, developed with 360° bristles that drastically reduce cleaning time required, as the brush cleans multiple surfaces at once! A unique design with a specially shaped head, it allows for the effortless cleaning of different sizes and shapes of teeth, enabling and efficient, effective, full mouth tooth clean. This is thanks to the different sized sections of the 360° bristles, with smaller bristles for molars, incisors and other small teeth, and larger wider spaced bristles for canines and other large teeth! It also features an ergonomically shaped, rubber-gripped handle, that makes the toothbrush easier to hold and use.

Specially developed to be suitable for adult dogs of all sizes, and part of the NEW “Fresh Spectrum” range from Arm & Hammer, the Arm & Hammer 360° Toothbrush efficiently cleans all surfaces of teeth in one step, significantly cutting down brushing time and helping you to prevent oral disease by ensuring your dog receives the very best dental care routinely.  Providing you with everything you need to make brushing your dog’s teeth quick, easy and effective, the innovative brush head with 360° bristles efficiently cleans the front and back of both small and large teeth, including hard to reach areas, in half the time of standard toothbrushes. Ideal for owners who want an easy but thorough teeth cleaning solution, this is the best toothbruish for restless dogs, saving time and making daily dental care a more convenient task for all owners. Use alongside the Arm & Hammer advanced Toothpaste formula, powered by baking soda and coconut oil to neutralise plaque, whiten teeth, freshen breath and provide a deep, thorough clean.

  • Part of an effective, effortless and easy to use range of dental care products for dogs
  • Simplifies daily dental care, providing a convenient pet dental solution for all adult dogs
  • Helps to prevent dental disease by maintaining clean, healthy teeth and gums
  • An advanced toothbrush design with 360° bristles that effectively clean the front and back of both small and large teeth
  • Reaches all areas, including the hard to reach ones
  • A unique, time-saving solution with a revolutionary design, drastically reducing cleaning time required as the brush cleans multiple surfaces at once!
  • With bristles for molars, incisors and other small teeth, and bristles for canines and other larger teeth
  • Helps break down plaque and tartar from all angles for a thorough, effective clean
  • Perfect for use in conjunction with the Arm & Hammer Toothpaste for Adult Dogs for a thorough, effective clean, fresher breath, reduced plaque and whiter teeth
  • With convenient comfort-grip rubber handle, making the toothbrush easier to hold and use for owners
  • Suitable for daily use or as part of a complete dental care programme
  • Provides an effortless yet effective way to care for your pet’s teeth and gums
  • Suitable for all adult dogs of all breeds
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