Omega Alpha - Equine Airwaves 1L

Airwaves by Omega Alpha is a liquid formula containing Peppermint , Eucalyptus Leaves, Bulbus fritillaria, Mullein Pleurisy Root, Elecampane, Nettles and Menthol. 

It acts as a bronchodilator and stimulates the opening of the airways. It is also a cough suppressant and relieves bronchospasms, clears mucus and aids breathing. The formula also eases inflammation in the chest and the anti-histamine action of nettles in the formula helps alleviate allergic symptoms. 

Airwave can be used as a long lasting bronchodilator and is effective for bleeders or horses with heaves. 




  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus Leaves
  • Bulbus fritillaria 
  • Mullein
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