Back 2 Raw Complete 12lb

Complete Meals with HealthyLifeBlendTM

Meat, organ and bone in correct proportions with Green Tripe in most proteins.  The addition of our HealthyLifeBlendTM makes these meals balanced and complete.  Perfect for those who want meals with nothing to add and new to feeding raw.


Back2RawTM pet cuisine is crafted for the health of the canine digestive system.  The anti-aging nutrients in our HealthyLifeBlendTM   are loaded with Omegas, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Anti-oxidants and a host of Micro Nutrients an Antimicrobial, Antifungal Properties.


Our Super Foods form a nutritionally complete meal and grow health bacteria in the gut.  They work in synergy with other ingredients to improve digestive function, minimize inflammation and support strong bones, joint mobility, urinary tract and respiratory health – it’s an optimal blend which can contribute to your dog having a long and healthy life!

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