Hero - Barktastics Artisanal Treats

Lamb Head:
Not for the fainthearted, this treat contains brain, tongue, cartilage, and eyes. Approximately 80% bone and 20% meat, this treat is a action packed! We suggest feeding outdoors as it can get messy.

These treats are considered a secreting organ meat, and can bean easy way to add more organ meat to your
pet’s diet. For your pet however, they will love the dense meaty taste, never mind the source!

Pig Feet:
Pig Feet contain minerals and marrow to promote bone and joint health. Great for physical and mental exercise

Pink Shrimp:
Shrimp shells, including the tails, are a great source of glucosamine. They contain a powerful antioxidant – Astaxanthin. That’s the red pigment that gives this “pink” treat its natural colour. Shrimp are also an excellent source of taurine (48 mg per oz.)

Rabbit Buns:
We take the rabbit hide, add minced rabbit meat and roll it up for a tasty treat like none other. The end result is a chewy and crunchy treat, great for both dogs and cats.

Rabbit Head:
Looking for a novel protein treat for your pet with allergies? Dehydrated Rabbit Heads may be the most outlandish treat you’d ever
consider for your pet, but not to worry, they will love it! Packed with nutrients, rabbit heads contain the brain, tongue, cartilage, and eyes.

Salmon Head:
Our wild-caught Pacific Salmon Head is a large treat, so offer in moderation. Salmon heads are approximately 80% meat, sinews and connective tissue and 20% bone and cartilage.

Turkey Neck:
Sourced from Canadian farmers, Turkey Necks are low in fat and a delicious treat your pets will love.

Water Buffalo Rolls:
We take this treat as seriously as your dog does. Each Water Buffalo Hide is hand-cut, and hand rolled as there is no factory production to make this goodness. Sourced from Canadian raised Water Buffalo, we trim the fat and keep all the nutrient rich skin and fur on. A perfect treat for the chewing enthusiast.


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