Big Country Raw 4lb Dinner

Proudly Canadian:  All our ingredients are sourced from Canadian Farmers and Processors.


Ethical Standard of Care:  We source from farmers and processors that abide by safe and ethical standards of care for animal throughout all life stages.


Pasture Raised:  We sell pasture-raised beef, lamb and buffalo.  Pasture raised animals graze and forage on grass, which is much higher in key nutrients like Omega 3& B Vitamins. 


Wild-Caught Fish:  All our fish products are from Canadian Fisheries committed to environmentally sound and sustainable fishing practices.


Free-Range Poultry:  Our poultry products including chicken, turkey and duck come from free range farmers that allow their birds to roam and roost.  A better and more natural way to grow.



Organic Fruit & Vegetables:  We only source the best possible ingredients, including Certified Organic Products for our fruit and vegetable blends.

We Deliver!!