Borderland Frozen Bone Broth 591 ml

Simple Small Batches

We ensure that our bone broth is simmered low and slow to maximize the nutrients extracted during the cooking process. This ensures maximum nutrition for your pet. 

Bison Bone Broth

Our grass fed bison bone broth is our best seller, and for good reason! Pets love it and it's great for those who have sensitivities to other proteins. 


Filtered water, grass fed bison bones, organic apple cider vinegar

Chicken Bone Broth

Our  chicken bone broth is made from free range chicken bones. Like all of our bone broths, it's slow cooked and contains a ton of collagen! 


Filtered water, free range chicken bones, organic apple cider vinegar

Beef Bone Broth

Made with 100% grass fed Alberta beef bones, this bone broth is incredibly nutritious. Our pets love this one poured over their food or fed straight up as is! 


Filtered water, grass fed beef bones, organic apple cider vinegar

Electrolyte Booster with coconut water 

Our electrolyte booster is made with the same technique as all of our other bone broths, but we add coconut water for an extra boost! Perfect for athletes or recovering from illness. 


Filtered water, free range chicken bones, coconut water, organic apple cider vinegar

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