Forza 10 Active

The combination of accurately selected natural extracts and the freshest fish work together allow to Active line reducing and treating all food intollerance that occur on a particular system

Health history

It was a true case of serendipity when Dr. Canello’s 40-years of clinical experience met with Dr. Guidetti’s 20-years of studies and research of plants and phytotherapy, because it was then that the FORZA10 Active Line was born.

The Power of Nature

Insertion of a selection of herbal extracts, each one specifically studied by SANYpet’s Research&Development Department for its antitoxic, antioxidant and immune-modulating effects.  These beneficial properties help restore your animal’s health by balancing the immune system – under attack everyday by environmental pollutants that alter its defense mechanisms.

The scientific research

Active line is based on continuos scientific research activities made by SANYpet’s Research & Development Department. The result of all this hard work are more than 30 scientific articles published in international scientific journals.

Patented efficacy

FORZA10 Active is a dry food that has specific formulas for every system and whose beneficial properties are preserved with the innovative patented AFS process.  FORZA10 Active Line diets are made up of two components (the AFS tablet and kibbles) that have been formulated to solve all of the most common chronic or recurrent inflammations deriving from adverse reactions to food.

Why choose Active Line?

  • Active Line kibbles, besides containing wild-caught fish as a high value protein source, employ rice or potatoes as a hypoallergenic source of carbohydrates, and fish oil, which is naturally rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • This diet is also enriched by special heart-shaped tablets that carry a pool of specific natural extracts, mixed with kibbles in a 7% ratio.
  • Thanks to the patented AFS (Active Fresh System) technology, these tablets are cold-pressed, in order to preserve the efficacy of the herbal extracts inside them.
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