Head of the Herd Horse Grooming Spray 1000ml





A Grooming Spray: Leaves a soft, healthy coat with no sticky residue. Your horse will shine! Restores natural oils in the fur.

A Deodorizer: With a slightly sweet but gentle aroma

A Waterless Wash: Spray on your steed (or spray on your brush) and wipe down your horse.

NO SILICONE! No slippery residue; Spray groom and saddle up without slipping or sliding!

A Detangler and conditioner, and great for helping to remove stubborn burrs

A Natural Unique blend of Steam-Distilled Essential Oils with a base of Citronella and Eucalyptus!


No Silicone.  No Paraffin or Waxes. No Harsh Chemicals.  No chemical emulsifiers. Just the good stuff!


Spray, Groom, Tack up and go for a ride!  With no silicone, your horse won’t be left slippery and hard to tack up.


Grooming has never been easier by liberally spraying and brushing your horse. Your steed will shimmer in the sunlight.


Particularly in the winter months, you likely don’t want to bathe your horse.  A generous spray of Head of the Herd Horse Spray and a rub down or brushing will clean your horse and restore natural oils and shine.   Great through the winter, where cold, rain and sun tend to dry out your horses skin.  Can be used all year ’round.

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