Iron Will Meal Deal 18lb

Iron Will Raw has put together some great meal plans at FANTASTIC prices to help make feeding more AFFORDABLE!

Offered in 4 Distinct Meal Deal Options

The Basic Meal Deal

The Basic Meal was introduced specifically for our feline customers. This meal deal consists of cats' top favourites of our Basic line.  Make your kitty purr by picking up a Basic Meal today.

1 - 6lb Basic Chicken
1 - 6lb Basic Turkey
1 - 6lb Basic Duck

18lb @ $3.28/lb

** Save $23.50 **

The K9 Buffett

The K9 Buffet is our top seller for meal deals.  This box deal makes protein rotation easy and affordable.  Who says raw feeding has to be hard?

1 - 6lb Original Chicken Dinner
1 - 6lb Original Beef Dinner
1 - 6lb Original Turkey Dinner

18lb @ $3.61/lb

** Save $17.50 **

The Chickenless Feast

The Chickenless Feast is the ideal meal deal for pets who have chicken sensitivities. You don't need to break the bank just because your pet can't tolerate chicken.  This affordable option will have your dog drooling for more! 

1 - 6lb Original Beef Dinner
1 - 6lb Original Duck Dinner
1 - 6lb Original Turkey Dinner

18lb @ $4.33/lb

** Save $16.50 **


The VIP is an elite blend of our most popular red meats.  Ideal for working and sporting dogs, pets with sensitivities or just that very special pooch in your life. Treat your Very Important Pup to this meal deal and we promise their tail will wag only for you.

1 - 6lb Original Beef Dinner
1 - 6lb Original Pork Dinner
1 - 6lb Original Lamb Dinner

18lb @ $5.33/lb

** Save $10.50 **

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