Pets4Life Dehydrated Treats

For years, pet experts have been promoting the healthy benefits of feeding tripe to your pets; but have struggled to find a convenient, "owner" friendly format. 

Pets 4 Life has done just that!  All of the benefits with none of the mess!


 More and more pet lovers are turning to Pets 4 Life Smoked Tripe!

Naturally Cold-smoked to preserve nutrients

No artificial additives or preservatives

Made from 100% Canadian ingredients

Great for training, pill pockets or a healthy, all natural treat!


By using 100% Canadian ingredients and a Mennonite cold smoking recipe, Pets 4 Life keeps the tripe's nutrients, gastric juices, amino acids and digestive enzymes intact! 

Pets 4 Life Tripe treats have the distinction of being naturally smoked over sugar maple wood chips without any added preservatives.  

The tripe treats are available in Lamb, Beef or our newest additions

Surf & Turf (smoked salmon and beef tripe) and a variety package with 50 gm of each flavor for those who can’t decide which is their favourite


Pets 4 Life uses only the highest quality meat from Canadian government inspected facilities in our Purely Natural Treats.

We Deliver!!