Horizon - Pulsar Grain Free Formula

Pulsar offers a selection of truly affordable single protein, grain free and whole grain formulas that offer the ability to feed your dog a rotational diet without the risk of dietary upset


Horizon always starts with an emphasis on animal protein. Steroid free and growth hormone free chicken, turkey, wild caught salmon, lamb and pork are the cornerstone proteins in Pulsar. Why meals? Meals are the dehydrated form of the raw meat which allows the retention of the weight and protein content through the cooking process. That's important because ingredients are listed on the bag BEFORE cooking and without it being dehydrated first, most of the stated weight in the raw meat is water which cooks off leaving far less meat and animal protein in the final formula.


We supplement and round out the Pulsar formulations with gmo free and locally sourced carbohydrates, choice fresh fruits and raw vegetables plus a breadth of vitamin, mineral, probiotic and prebiotic supplementation to significantly enhance the nutritional impact, digestibility and palatibility of the food. In fact, Pulsar uses an industry leading level of probiotics (600 Million CFU/lb) to substantially aid digestion and maintain good gut health. That level of commitment to probiotics is rare in commercial foods. It makes a difference.


By being consistent in the formulas, both in the ingredient mix and where the ingredients are sourced, rotational feeding is encouraged. Its provides variety and reduces the risk of allergic development.


The fact we self manufacture in Saskatchewan, Canada, source, whenever possible, directly from growers locally and dismiss the notion of expensive marketing campaigns to obscure the quality standards of our foods like other foods do, we can 'pay forward' a superior food at very affordable prices. We are so bold to say, we think very few food companies can deliver a caliber of food like Pulsar at a such competitive price points.


We believe in accountability, we believe in quality and process control like direct sourcing and self manufacturing and most importantly we believe in delivering true value to consumers with absolutely no compromise. Pulsar represents the best of those values. Compare for yourself.

We Deliver!!