RC Pets Pawks

Our PAWks anti-slip dog socks provide paw protection for dogs with foot injuries, as well as increased traction for older dogs (or dogs with hip injuries). Our Dog socks can also help protect your hardwood floors from accidental scratches. They are cute, stylish and put the "fun" in functional.

M Aqua
M Panda
M Purple Stripes
S Aqua
S Panda
XS Agua
XS Panda
XS Purple Stripes
XXS Aquar
XXS Purple Stripes
S Shark Bite
XS Shark Bite
M Shark Bite
XXS Shark Bite
L Shark Bite
XL Shark Bite
XS Pink Mary Janes
L Pink Mary Janes
L Puppet
XXS Pink Mary Janes
M Puppet
M Black Sneakers
S Black Sneakers
M Pink Mary Janes
S Puppet
XL Black Sneakers
XS Black Sneakers
XL Puppet
XXS Black Sneakers
XL Pink Mary Janes
L Black Sneakers
S Pink Mary Janes
XS Puppet
XXS Puppet
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